Sustainable Design

We Create, Enhance, & Sustain

After getting its start in Yosemite National Park, one of the most magnificent parks in the world, Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc., has, over the years, continued with sustainable practices. We ensure that the natural beauty of the landscape is preserved. We believe that it is our responsibility as building industry professionals is to act as stewards for the environment. We utilize green practices whenever possible in our designs.

Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc
Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc

LEED-Accredited Staff

With our LEED-accredited staff, we work as a leader in the industry in developing new ideas. We assure that each project is as environmentally friendly as the client would like it to be.

All for Green Designs & Practices

At Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc., we lead the way on innovative designs and practices while our staff stays up-to-date on ways to maintain environmental sensitivity. We continually strive for responsible developments, incorporating green concepts at all stages of any given project from conception to completion.

Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc
Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc

Uncompromised Development

We believe that it is essential to inform our consultants and clients on environmental repercussions and develop projects accordingly. This ensures that the impact of development is mitigated whenever possible. Our team works without compromising the quality of a project. We pay attention to the sustainability aspect while keeping our projects in line with the client’s goals.

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