Project Management

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Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. has worked side-by-side with many developers, city planners and community directors to take a broad array of project types from conception to completion. Based on our many years in the industry, our team is able to bring the benefit of decades of experience into every undertaking, identifying challenges and opportunities early to facilitate the completion of the development in the most cost efficient and timely manner possible. In order to streamline the development process, our staff is able to address each stage of the development, from the initial phases of research to project closeout. Lars Andersen has been fully engaged in all phases required for completing the process of getting projects shovel ready. In the course of our work, we support our clients by rendering services including but not limited to, preparation of Preliminary Site Assessments (PSA), design of Conceptual Site Layouts, communication with government agencies on entitlements and preparation of cost estimates.

We understand that when our clients look for a project manager, in addition to the requirement that the consultant promote cost efficiency and ensures the development is completed on time, the dependability and commitment the consultant is willing to devote to their client is an essential factor to consider as well. Lars Andersen& Associates, Inc. understands that as project managers, our approach to each undertaking should be tailored to accommodate the owner’s individual needs and we pride ourselves on the utmost satisfaction of our clients. As the project manager for any given development, we are able to manage both the planning and the design phases. We are also experienced in the bidding phase and will be able to assist in both construction and eventual project close-out.


Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. has added “Online Meetings” as one of many tools we utilize in assisting to expedite projects in a cost effective manner. This service allows the project manager to readily communicate concepts and issues to the client while also getting immediate feedback, allowing Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. to complete the project in the most effective manner.