NNPDES / SWPPP / Water Quality


In the course of development, often a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is required during the design, construction or operational phase. Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. is fully capable of assisting our clients throughout the often difficult permitting process and development of the SWPPP and we fully understand Water Pollution Control Requirements and are fluent in the most up-to-date SWPPP information. On staff we have a QSD (Qualified SWPPP Developer) who is able to develop and/or write the SWPPP, this staff member is also able to act as a QSP (Qualified SWPPP Preparer). Our QSP is able to do inspections and be in-charge of monitoring the project site, training assigned personnel and complete any forms, testing, annual reporting, etc.

We are able to prepare the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Water Pollution Control Programs (WPCPs), Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCPs) and other Storm Water Plans in order to ensure our clients are compliant with the Environmental Regulations required at the start of a project. Another service our firm is capable of offering to our clients on existing and new projects is Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC). This plan is required for many facilities in the State of California and Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. is able to assist our clients during its development. This is just one of the ways our firm can assist in water related areas on existing developments. Our engineering team has resolved water related issues all over the Western United States for our clients and therefore have gained an understanding of the essential nature of preventing possible problems before they are able to hinder the project.


Our team of experts have had years of experience assembling the correct information needed to provide our clients with an accurate SWPPP for their project or site. Our staff has prepared plans for projects which range from shopping centers, parks to bridges and highways. We pride ourselves on being keenly aware of the importance of surface and storm water quality in the State of California as it faces the imposition of increasingly stringent regulations and requirements for developers. With that in mind, our clients can rest assure that when they hire our firm, they will receive a completed plan which adheres to all of the relevant requirements.