Access Compliance

Ensuring Accessibility for All

Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. is one of the few civil engineering and design firms in the Central Valley, which has a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) tag. Our staff addresses any concerns related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the California Building Code (CBC).

Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc
Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc

Building Consciously & Thoughtfully

The matter of compliance with the ADA is one of growing importance across the State of California. Particularly in the Central Valley. Our firm understands the subject like few others in our industry. Unlike most civil engineering firms, we manage accessibility issues in the course of completing other services. This is while we work on projects during the construction phase, where a majority of errors occur.

Accessibility- Related Services

We offer accessibility-related services in conjunction or independently of our other services. Our firm takes the knowledge we’ve developed in relation to the ADA. We combine it with the ability to identify and attend to the problematic issues. Our team practically applies it to our work on all projects like none in the valley.

Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc
Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc

Decades of Experience

For each project, we come to prepared to work with our clients. This ensures that the projects conform to all the necessary code requirements. When selecting us, our clients know that their project will benefit from our decades of experience and have the advantage of our accessibility-related expertise.

Certified Civil Engineers

Our certified team is capable of both identifying and addressing issues that need correction. Our background in civil engineering and design allows us to offer this service with an unparalleled understanding of the subject.

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Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc