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civil-engineeringLars Andersen & Associates Inc. is using the most technologically advanced tools available to facilitate the development of our projects. We combine the use of these instruments with our 70 years of experience in the building and design field to offer feasible and cost effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. operates a modern facility complete with state of the art equipment in order to support our highly trained and experienced staff of professionals. Our CAD System is able to retain all site and relevant community data for use in individual project designs and allows for cost effective, timely project design maintained by staff which is capable of accommodating changes and/or offering alternatives. Lars Andersen also takes advantage of 3-D modeling software to quickly generate project drawings and identify potential issues on all projects. Finally, our history of both public and private work throughout the Western United States has led to the development of an extensive database of both electronic and hard copy files related to infrastructure requirements which is readily available.

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