Building Relocation

building-relocationLars Andersen & Associates, Inc. is capable of providing engineering and management support for relocation of modular classrooms and offices as well as the design and development of modular facilities. We are able to provide assistance with modular buildings beginning with the initial dismantling process, the subsequent relocation and the final assembly onto the new site. The services our firm is able to complete on projects includes but is not limited to disconnection for modular buildings (including plumbing, electrical, etc.), separation of the modules, preparation for relocation, transportation of buildings and site restoration.

Our firm also has extensive experience in the relocation of houses and historic buildings, ensuring they are delivered to their new location in the preserved fashion such an enterprise may require. Our firm has been rendering building relocation services for several decades and we pride ourselves on our speed and dependability, which our clients agree to be superlative. Our services are focused on maximizing return on investment in a timely manner without compromising on the level of comprehensiveness we deliver on all projects.

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