Dan Zoldak named Chief Financial Officer of oldest Civil Engineering & Design Firm in the Valley

Last year, Daniel Zoldak was made Vice President of the oldest Civil Engineering & Design Firm in the Valley, Lars Andersen & Associates, Inc. During his time in the position, he has assisted in the increase of revenue, expanded the business to include a bustling ADA Inspection component of Lars Andersen which has led to prominence for the firm, and has developed great relationships with clients. Fellow staff members agree that Mr. Zoldak is truly an asset to the team.

His devotion of great amounts of personal time and the sincere efforts he has exerted in order to achieve success for the firm has been essential in finding a way to thrive during a time of economic turmoil.

As a response to the incredible contribution Mr. Zoldak has made in the past year, he is now being promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer of the firm. In this role, he will continue to advance the mission of Lars Andersen & Associates. His ambitious strategies for business development and his continuously hard work are exemplify why Lars Andersen has been around for 70 years and continues to have great success in the building and design industry!

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